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Atlanta style, portrait and wedding photographer


I'm a laid back Southern Photographer raised in Georgia. I study Media and Entertainment at Kennesaw State University while working and operating my photography business. I live and operate out of Kennesaw Georgia but I'm willing to travel anywhere to get the shots for my clients. 

          A New View Photography is comprised of myself as the main photographer, a design assistant, a second photographer, a videographer, and contacts with many vendors for quick and reliable products/services. I pride myself on the value for the price I give each and every client and my determination to be on time every time. 

         We use Canon products almost exclusively to eliminate unwanted color corrections in post production. Adobe Creative Cloud products are our go to editing software programs and we use Godox for our Off-camera-flash (lighting). We can print in house but we prefer to design all of our prints and albums in house and send our design to a professional print lab for the final product. 

       We are licensed in the State of Georgia, permitted in several counties/cities and we are fully insured in case of accidents or damaged equipment. A New View Photography stands behind their products so you can rest assured the images are professional made every time with care!

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Tel: 678-232-2154

Email: brandonr@anewviewphotography.org

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Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

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About Miranda Montgomery


I'm a Detailed and slow paced Designer raised in North Georgia. I Graduated in Interior Design at Gwinnett Technical College. I work as a Photo-designer as well as run a residential Interior Design company, called New World Interiors. 

     My company focuses on the functional, practical and aesthetics of a designed residential home. I work with the average middle class family looking to make the best out of their home or investment.

     As a Photo-Designer, I make sure all the images are perfectly arranged and the details are shown in their best light. I bring the props and accessories that tell the best story of an image.  

     New World Interiors & A New View Photography work together to bring the best look to any person or any room. Check out my business page and book today to get a consultation for what we can do for your New Look!! 

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Wow! What an amazing experience we had with A New View Photography!

Emily J, Bride

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