Why do we choose Canon for our go-to Camera body and lenses??

There is no doubt that there are a plethora of choices in the camera selections on the market and Canon is not the newest in the market. So, why do we choose Canon, here are a few reasons:

  • They have lenses that are still to this day beyond the focusing, stability, and craftsmanship compared to other leading manufactures

  • Canon's bodies are getting smaller, more durable, and with a variety of inputs for whatever other attachments you might need

  • Canon's Digic X Image Processor captures images with higher ISO, lower aperture, and better color rendering than any other processors at the same price range on the market

Yes, we are going to flash you, but with what??

We use the Godox flash set up for most all of our Off-Camera-Flash (OCF) photography

The Godox V1 is small, lightweight, easily modified, easily set-up, and it doesn't break the bank

We generally use 1-2 Godox V1 lights for all Weddings. Sometimes with a full softbox on 1 light and sometimes just with a magnetic modifier. Just depending on the need of the client, ambient lighting, image composition and time of day. 

We've used plug-in-studio light set-ups in the past but the versatility and ease of using a battery-powered OCF is hands down the event photographer's way to go. 

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